Our Corporate Mission

Fuel the body, mind, & spirit. You are what you eat, be a Rainbow.

Aquidneck Island’s local Organic Juice Bar + Shop with a higher commitment to nearly 100% organic, non-GMO and sustainable foods. Ensuring the natural delivery of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in all of our products. Owner, Chef Brigid Rafferty is Conscious Capitalism focused and makes Newport and Rhode Island brands the priority. We are dedicated to be the best of the best when it comes to our mission’s Pillars.

Conscious Capitalism

Limiting the use of unsustainable products of any kind, including excessive and controversial packaging choices. Sourcing products and ingredients locally.


Creating transparent relationships with customers, employees, vendors and community that such relationships promote caring, mutual support and growth.

Global Citizenry

Environmentally mindful and globally sensitive ethically, sustainably, free of chemicals/contaminants and with mindful intentions of healing and joy.

Organic Ingredients

Hand-crafted & delicious organic and minimally processed quality ingredients. Delicious Gluten-free choices. Entirely Vegan.

The Gold Standard

Your Local Plant Based Lifestyle Essentials. Everything in our store must fit the mission to be:

Philosophy of truly zero-waste focused Sustainability

Brigid strives to create partnerships with all of her Vendors to provide custom goods that are focused on the future of this planet’s well-being through mindful packaging and partnerships. The Power of Juice is a lifestyle brand for the health-conscious and earth-friendly consumer.

Organic + Superfood Ingredients

Limiting the intake of processed sugar and other processed ingredients. Each of our products are crafted to provide specific vitamins and nutrients and were designed with a mindfulness towards promoting overall health. Our juice products target digestion stimulation and metabolism acceleration. Most of our products are gluten-free as designed by nature! 

Shopping Local in Rhode Island

We are your artisanal, cold-pressed raw juice-based lifestyle brand serving Newport, RI and surrounding communities. Brigid opened the company in 2015 with a small commercial press and a vision. A local small business and family that has built everything from scratch to serve the community we live in.