How can we help you heal?

Let Food be thy Medicine
– Hippocrates

This saying has been around for a long time and is as relevant as it ever was. In fact, it is more relevant today because we are VULNERABLE to toxins and chemicals in our food supply that did not exist in the time of Hippocrates as well as the toxic load from the other activities and habit in our contemporary lives. At The Power of Juice we believe food is more than fuel, it is the key to good health – mind, body & spirit. Shop this FARMacy page to learn how our products can HELP YOU.

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Antioxidants are compounds that help prevent OXIDATION (the process that causes fresh foods to turn brown after you slice them!). Oxidation occurs everywhere, including in our bodies. It means things are aging aka dying. Antioxidants help our bodies slow and limit the damage due to oxidation. One of the most powerful roles antioxidants play in our bodies is to help us fight damage due to free radicals – damage like aging and cancer! Free radicals are unpaired electrons that have been separated from one another and subsequently “scavenge” the body seeking to make a pair – electrons really like to be in pairs so the damage they can cause is extensive. These free radicals are natural byproducts of chemical processes in our body. They build up due to lots of things – consumption of processed foods, eating GMO foods, exposure to toxic chemicals, use of preservative-laden body care products, availability and use of unregulated supplements containing potentially harmful ingredients, eating big game fish full of heavy metals, etc. The Power of Juice produces and sells a wide selection of plant-based foods and vegan lifestyle support products to help you keep free radicals at bay. Keeping your free radicals under control can be key to a long, healthy life.
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Auto-immune Support

Our autoimmune system can be our best friend or our archenemy. When our autoimmune system is functioning optimally, it protects us from disease. When it is overactive it can attempt to destroy us. When it is not active enough, it can leave us unprotected against certain physical threats and disease. When our autoimmune system is in hyperdrive aka overactive, it causes a ton of destruction through inflammation. This inflammation is caused when the body attacks the threats it perceives and is vigilantly protecting against. Individuals with overactive autoimmune systems therefore should avoid consuming foods that exacerbate inflammation like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, red meats, and grains. Instead, for a healthier immune system flood your system daily with clean, healthy, plant-based foods, healthy fats and anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric, matcha green tea, dark leafy greens, and fermented foods. We have you supported at The Power of Juice if your autoimmune system is struggling and its accompanying inflammation are bringing you down.
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Emotional Well Being + Brain Health

At The Power of Juice we believe there is a strong connection between what an individual consumes for fuel and that person’s sense of emotional wellbeing. We also believe that overall emotional wellbeing is difficult to achieve without eating a clean diet that supports brain health. The connection between what we consume and emotional wellbeing can be found in the brain. When a brain is well fed, well rested, and free of toxins a person’s sense of peace has a chance to grow and expand – their fight or flight ADRENAL RESPONSE has been supplanted by a calmer, more deliberate and mindful brain that is capable of EXECUTIVE FUNCTION. Executive function is a form of cognition that protects us from dangers and stressors by pausing to more accurately identify risk using our brains instead of our gut instincts. By eating a plant-based rainbow of fuel, we have a higher likelihood of feeling like a rainbow. This in turn allows us to settle more comfortably into a peaceful way of responding to life using executive function which prioritizes the long game aka the future, instead of reacting to circumstances “in the moment” which activates our adrenals and causes our body and mind discomfort. In extreme circumstances our adrenals lead to excessive stress and related physical illnesses. It may sound simple, but the science is clear – clean fuel produces healthy brains, healthy bodies, and increases our sense of wellbeing as a direct result of the clean chemical building blocks in the food. The Power of Juice uses organic ingredients that are densely packed with brain supportive chemicals to help you build your rainbow – from the inside out.
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Gut Health

Contemporary science informs us that our gut is really driving our bus – not our brain. Our traditional brain is very, very important – it is critical to our survival! But current research puts our gut as our #1 brain – it is driving our bus. Our traditional BRAIN is the gut’s faithful companion and executes the guts executive orders. The brain is what brings reality to our “gut instinct”. If our gut is not healthy and populated with the correct types of bacteria, our brain and our body do not stand a chance of being happy and healthy. In the absence of a healthy gut, our brain can get confused and misinform us. This can be dangerous to our health. At The Power of Juice we believe in the mindful consumption of the healthiest, fresh probiotic foods to boost gut health. All of our products support a lifestyle fueled by gut-healthy foods, supplements and juices. However, some are more powerful than others. Let us showcase them for you here.
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The Power of Juice supports all of you out there that are attempting to walk the plant based path! Animal products cause damaging inflammation to our bodies – both internal and external. Inflammation can cause discomfort and pain if it is extreme in nature. If it is not acute but chronic instead, we may not feel traditional “pain”. But our blood flow is constricted by inflammation and this can cause other painless symptoms. These include circulatory and cardiac issues, stressed organs that become tired and begin to function less optimally, and difficulty with digestion. These are only a few of the lesser felt side effects of inflammation in our bodies. To avoid inflammation, it is critical to consume a diet rich in plants. It can also be helpful to limit or avoid inflammation producing foods like processed sugars, gluten, dairy, fatty red meats, deli meats and other cured foods, alcohol, vegetable oils (excluding olive oil), preservatives, and additives. Lucky for you, The Power of Juice has your anti-inflammatory dietary needs covered. Our products are 100% plant-based, dairy-free, non-GMO, fresh, hand-made, and free of additives, including preservatives.
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Peak Health + Fitness

The human body LOVES clean food. So do our brains. Together, our body and brain cooperate to achieve incredible things when they are well fueled – running marathons, climbing the world’s highest peaks, diving the ocean’s deepest depths, solving problems in Quantum Physics, inventing new solutions to old problems! Our body and brain also cooperate to accomplish all of the routine functions in our lives. Like breathing, sleeping, smiling, digesting our food, processing ocular inputs, listening to a voicemail, and typing on our smartphone. When we eat a diet rich in clean, organic plants we give our body and our brain the raw materials they require for optimal cooperation – thereby increasing our odds of success in almost everything we aspire to achieve! It’s that simple. Eat clean, breathe clean, run clean, think clean, love clean, sleep clean, REPEAT.