Cacao is the purest raw form
of chocolate known as the “food of
the Gods.” This powerhouse of a
bean is one of the highest natural
sources of magnesium and
antioxidants while being rich in
manganese, iron and chromium
(great for blood sugar control).
Containing Theobromine, cacao
enhances mood and brain function. It
is ideal for muscle contraction,
cardiovascular health, PMS
symptoms and energy. Cacao also
contains PEA a “love” chemical as
well as anandamide- a
neurotransmitter of bliss.
One World Cacao, Inc. offers one of the world’s rarest heirloom single-origin, eco-forested cacao from Guatemala. The One World Cacao community first planted cacao from seeds selected from heirloom trees in the Mayan regions of Guatemala. We love our local partners!

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Chef Brigid

Chef Brigid

For the past 15 years working as a Chef in restaurant kitchens and as a resident chef on private super yachts. Her flavor profiles have been shaped by her extensive experience preparing a wide variety of ethnic cuisines from across the globe. Her culinary style is based in healthy modern cuisine founded on classic French training with a high focus on flavor, texture, and color.