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14 Ways to Support Small Business in RI Right Now

Keep calm and carry on with these helpful tips for staying safe and healthy when shopping and dining out

Wondering how you can put health first while still frequenting favorite spots? First thing’s first: keep calm and stay informed. We’re all in this together – even if we’re all trying to keep our social distance! To help keep the Rhode Island economy thriving (and all of us from going stir crazy), we’ve assembled a list of ideas to keep supporting small business without leaving your comfort zone.

Boost Your Immune System

Stock up on juices and kombuchas from Fully Rooted, which offers juice delivered to your door if you’re feeling under the weather, or go to The Power of Juice for a vitamin-packed beverage. You can also order the antioxidant-rich tea you love from Ceremony via Leafy Green Tea.


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Chef Brigid

Chef Brigid

For the past 15 years working as a Chef in restaurant kitchens and as a resident chef on private super yachts. Her flavor profiles have been shaped by her extensive experience preparing a wide variety of ethnic cuisines from across the globe. Her culinary style is based in healthy modern cuisine founded on classic French training with a high focus on flavor, texture, and color.