Fresh Raw Organic Juice Company of Newport

Juice Cleanses

Our 1 – 6 Day Reboots are raw organic cold-pressed juice cleanses that are a great way to boost your mind, body and spirit with the fuel it needs. Cleansing is a safe, easy and a healthy way to recover from daily exposure to toxins and consuming nutrient-deprived foods. It’s simple to get started. Please feel free to ask our staff on how to set up your custom Reboot.

The Power of Juice’s purifying Reboots include: (6) Drinks per Day
Select (4) 16 oz. Cold-pressed Raw Juices per day
Select (1) 16 oz. Hand-crafted Milk per day
(1) 8 oz. Electro-Lite Me Hydrator will be added to each day

Approx: 1,600 daily calories.

Our 16 oz. juices are cold-pressed, raw, and organic. They each contain 2 lbs. of produce in EVERY bottle so you can drink your nutrients on-the-go. Cleanses are made to custom order and have a 72 hour shelf life.

Add to any juice:
+ 1 oz. E3 Live AFA blue green algae ANTIOXIDANT $2.50
+ 10mg Maine-raised CBD hemp extract $3.50
+ 1 tsp. locally-raised, greenhouse spirulina $2.50

Weekly Subscriptions

Have you found the perfect TPOJ drink for you?
Would you like us to make and deliver freshly pressed bottles to your door? 

Considering signing up for a custom weekly subscription.

We can provide your favorite custom blends @ three levels:
Weekly Level I (14 Juices)
Weekly Level II (21 Juices)
Weekly Level III (28 Juices)

Speak to our in-store staff for more details on how to get on our Cold Pressing schedule!