Our Customer Loyalty Program

Reduce Reuse Recycle + Refuse

During Covid-19’s heightened pre-cautions from the RI Department of Health, our jar return policy is as follows:

Return Information

Option 1
ELECTRONICALLY fill out this form and label your bag with your name and phone number.


Option 2
PRINT THIS PDF to include in your bag and follow all instructions.

We will enter your returns into your account and you will receive a confirming email with your tally of juice points on Friday of next week which can then be redeemed for any free juice earned.
Points for jars are as follows:


Our goal is to provide a resource for the healthiest organic products we can source and create, and deliver it in packaging that has the lowest impact on our planet.

We are on a mission to create zero waste:

Our two-serving juices are higher priced than what you may find elsewhere because they are organic, contain 2 lbs. of produce and are labor intensive to deliver. Our efforts to accept returned glass jars back and offer a free product costs us a great deal more than
buying new jars. In order to continue to stay as a viable small business at this stage in our growth we are grateful for your participation in helping us continue to be able to provide you and our community with some of the healthiest earth-friendly products around.