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The Power of Juice supports all of you out there that are attempting to walk the plant based path! Animal products cause damaging inflammation to our bodies – both internal and external. Inflammation can cause discomfort and pain if it is extreme in nature. If it is not acute but chronic instead, we may not feel traditional “pain”. But our blood flow is constricted by inflammation and this can cause other painless symptoms. These include circulatory and cardiac issues, stressed organs that become tired and begin to function less optimally, and difficulty with digestion. These are only a few of the lesser felt side effects of inflammation in our bodies. To avoid inflammation, it is critical to consume a diet rich in plants. It can also be helpful to limit or avoid inflammation producing foods like processed sugars, gluten, dairy, fatty red meats, deli meats and other cured foods, alcohol, vegetable oils (excluding olive oil), preservatives, and additives. Lucky for you, The Power of Juice has your anti-inflammatory dietary needs covered. Our products are 100% plant-based, dairy-free, non-GMO, fresh, hand-made, and free of additives, including preservatives.