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Antioxidants are compounds that help prevent OXIDATION (the process that causes fresh foods to turn brown after you slice them!). Oxidation occurs everywhere, including in our bodies. It means things are aging aka dying. Antioxidants help our bodies slow and limit the damage due to oxidation. One of the most powerful roles antioxidants play in our bodies is to help us fight damage due to free radicals – damage like aging and cancer! Free radicals are unpaired electrons that have been separated from one another and subsequently “scavenge” the body seeking to make a pair – electrons really like to be in pairs so the damage they can cause is extensive. These free radicals are natural byproducts of chemical processes in our body.

They build up due to lots of things – consumption of processed foods, eating GMO foods, exposure to toxic chemicals, use of preservative-laden body care products, availability and use of unregulated supplements containing potentially harmful ingredients, eating big game fish full of heavy metals, etc. The Power of Juice produces and sells a wide selection of plant-based foods and vegan lifestyle support products to help you keep free radicals at bay. Keeping your free radicals under control can be key to a long, healthy life.