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Contemporary science informs us that our gut is really driving our bus – not our brain. Our traditional brain is very, very important – it is critical to our survival! But current research puts our gut as our #1 brain – it is driving our bus. Our traditional BRAIN is the gut’s faithful companion and executes the guts executive orders. The brain is what brings reality to our “gut instinct”. If our gut is not healthy and populated with the correct types of bacteria, our brain and our body do not stand a chance of being happy and healthy. In the absence of a healthy gut, our brain can get confused and misinform us. This can be dangerous to our health. At The Power of Juice we believe in the mindful consumption of the healthiest, fresh probiotic foods to boost gut health. All of our products support a lifestyle fueled by gut-healthy foods, supplements and juices. However, some are more powerful than others. Let us showcase them for you here.