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Low Sugar

At The Power of Juice we believe there is a strong connection between what an individual consumes for fuel and that person’s sense of emotional wellbeing. Too much sugar can make us feel awful. We also believe that overall emotional wellbeing is difficult to achieve without eating a clean diet that supports brain health. The connection between what we consume and emotional wellbeing can be found in the brain. When a brain is well fed, well rested, and free of toxins a person’s sense of peace has a chance to grow and expand – their fight or flight ADRENAL RESPONSE has been supplanted by a calmer, more deliberate and mindful brain that is capable of EXECUTIVE FUNCTION. Executive function is a form of cognition that protects us from dangers and stressors by pausing to more accurately identify risk using our brains instead of our gut instincts. By eating a plant-based rainbow of fuel, we have a higher likelihood of feeling like a rainbow.


This in turn allows us to settle more comfortably into a peaceful way of responding to life using executive function which prioritizes the long game aka the future, instead of reacting to circumstances “in the moment” which activates our adrenals and causes our body and mind discomfort. In extreme circumstances our adrenals lead to excessive stress and related physical illnesses. It may sound simple, but the science is clear – clean fuel produces healthy brains, healthy bodies, and increases our sense of wellbeing as a direct result of the clean chemical building blocks in the food. The Power of Juice uses organic ingredients that are densely packed with brain supportive chemicals to help you build your rainbow – from the inside out.